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Myrmidon Managed Security Services

Your enterprise needs robust security solutions - period. There is no debate about the matter, but you don't necessarily want to staff everything yourself. Finding, recruiting, and retaining qualified personnel is a nightmare. Deploying commercial security solutions yourself can be extremely expensive and unbelievably time consuming, especially if you have limited resources. The solution? Myrmidon NET Managed Services.

We've taken our years of security expertise and created comprehensive security solutions that will help you meet your objectives. Get world class security solutions for a flat monthly fee and let us worry about the mountain of details that accompany these solutions. No personnel headaches, no capital expenditures, no expensive software licenses - just peace of mind and rock solid security.

Unlike many other vendors' offerings, our managed services are designed to compliment each other and aggregate their data to a central repository. In depth reports will show you exactly what's going on as well as tracking and correlating attack patterns over time. Find out who is really trying to to cause you trouble and use our data as evidence in prosecution. 

Choose from the following:

NETav - Managed Antivirus
Highly managed, tightly monitored, outsourced antivirus protection for your enterprise. Let our team of experienced engineers handle the complexities of virus definition management and incident response.

NETguard - Managed Firewall/VPN
Affordable ICSA certified firewall/VPN managed services that scale from the SOHO and branch office to the data center.

NETsave - Managed Disaster Recovery
Rock solid, affordable data backup and management service for small and medium enterprises (SME). Enjoy the robust data protection that the Fortune 500 uses at a fraction of the cost and without the need to hire dedicated systems administrators.

NETscan - Managed Vulnerability Assessments
Get a "hacker's eye view" of your network from the outside. Make sure that everything is configured the way that you want it.

NETwatch - Managed Intrusion Detection
Robust, comprehensive intrusion detection for multiple networks and locations with long term data retention and analysis.

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